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We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products, support, and service for all of our customers. Whether you are a first-time customer or have been enjoying your PHP or major branded heater for years, we are here for you. Below, find an ever-growing list of how-to videos, product manuals, and updates on your favourite PHP and major branded heating products.

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Technical Sheets & Manuals

See below for the latest technical sheets, bulletins, and manuals for all of our PHP, Espar/Eberspaecher, and Webasto heaters.

TB240201 – P25AG Gas Air Heaters – P25AG One-Way Fuel Check Valve

TB231101 – PH21A Air Heaters – P21A-T802 Drop-In Heater Wiring Connections To Espar Harness

TB220701 – PH41A Air Heaters – Gen III Air Heaters Fuel System Priming 

TB220210 – Webasto TSL 17 / Thermo Top Engine Heater – Maintenance Parts

TB220209 – Espar Hydronic D5 Engine Heater – Maintenance Parts 

TB220208 – PH51WA Engine Heater – PHP Gen I Engine Heater Maintenance Parts 

TB220207 – Webasto AT2000ST Air Heater, 12v – Maintenance Parts 

TB220206 – Webasto AT2000S Air Heater, 12v – Maintenance Parts

TB220205 – Espar D4 Airtronic Air Heater, 12v – Maintenance Parts 

TB220204 – PH21A Air Heater – PHP Gen III Air Heater Maintenance Parts 

TB220203 – Espar Airtronic D2 Air Heater, 12v – Maintenance Parts 

TB220202 PH20A Air Heater – Gen II Air Heater Maintenance Parts

TB220201 PH23A Air Heater – Gen I Air Heater Maintenance Parts

TB211201  PH52W Heater – Seal Kit

TB210802 – 5kW Engine Heater – Maintenance 

TB210801 – 2kW & 4kW Air Heaters – Maintenance 

TB210701  PH51W – Operating Switch By-Pass

TB210401 – All Heaters – PHP Heater Serial Number

TB210201 – PH20A and PH40A Heaters – Main Wiring Connections

TB210202 – All Fuel Fired Heaters – Solving Combustion Issues

TB210203 – All Engine Heaters – Engine Heater Plumbing Guidelines

TB210204 – All Engine Heaters – Coolant Leaks

TB200801 – PHP-23A Heater Kits – Main Wiring Connections

TB141001 – PHP-23A Heaters Controller – Voltage Drop

TB140201 – PHP-23A Heaters manufactured prior to 2013 – Control Unit Updates

TB140202 – PHP-23A, PHP-51W Heaters – Heater Serial Numbers

TB140701 – PHP-23A, PHP-51W Heaters – Blink Codes


Sales Brochures

See below for the latest sales brochures for PHP, ColdCrate and EZ Oil Drain products