Vehicle Kit, Air Heater, 2kW 12V, Diesel With 7-Day Programmable Timer


Air Heater Kit, 2KW 12V, Diesel With 7-Day Programmable Timer

Cross-references with part no’s: FLTAIR2300A

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The PH23A Air Heater is designed to be used as an auxiliary and sometimes primary heater in cars, trucks, RVs, boats, buses, construction, and farm equipment. The heater provides heat using the vehicle’s fuel and battery power without the need for the vehicle engine to waste fuel by idling just to provide heat. The PH23A Heaters compact design, ease of use, low maintenance, and low operating cost make it ideal for many mobile applications where an efficient manner of providing heat is required.

  • GEN 1 Vehicle Kit
  • Air Heater
  • 2KW
  • 12V
  • Diesel
  • With 7-Day Programmable Timer


Kit Includes: 


Air Heater Performance Specifications:

Heating Mode: Super | High | Medium | Low

Heating Capacity: Super  2.3 kW/hr (7,850 BTUs/hr) | High  1.9 kW/hr (6,485 BTUs/hr) | Medium  1.3 kW/hr (4,437 BTUs/hr) | Low  0.9 kW/hr (3,072 BTUs/hr)

Fuel Consumption: Super  0.28 L/hr (0.07 US Gal/hr) | High  0.24 L/hr (0.06 US Gal/hr) | Medium  0.15 L/hr (0.04 US Gal/hr) | Low  0.1 L/hr (0.03 US Gal/hr)

Air Flow CFM: Super  49 | High  41 | Medium  28 | Low  20

Power Consumption (watts): Super  34 | High  23 | Medium  13 | Low  9

Power Consumption at Start (watts): ≤ 100

Fuel Type: Diesel

Nominal Voltage: 12 Volt

Lower Voltage Limit: 10.5 Volts over 20 seconds 

Upper Voltage Limit: 16.0 Volts over 20 seconds 

Overheat Protection: 115° C (239° F)

Allowed Ambient Temperature: -40° C to 76° C (-40° F to 168° F)

Weight: 2.7 kg (6 lbs)

Above Specifications (± 10%)


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