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The PH21A-A kit is designed to provide cabin heating for trucks, off-highway equipment, RVs and boats by using on-board diesel fuel and battery systems. Operation is simple and the heater provides a safe and reliable alternative to engine idling or need for electrical plug ins. The PH21A-A Heater Kit is expertly engineered & assembled in Canada and include MADE IN CANADA Wiring Harness, Exhaust and intake tubes, Mounting plate, Fuel pickup tube, and Technical manual.
The P21A-T802 kit is designed to replace Espar heater model 25 2069 05 with Digi Max Controller. It is a direct replacement for the Espar Airtronic D2 bunk heater that plugs directly into existing wiring harness and uses existing fuel system, ducting, exhaust and combustion air and hardware. 
The P21A-T806 kit is designed to drop in to a new Kenworth truck that arrived at dealership and was missing the heater. The truck is wired, and all accessories mounted but, no heater. This would plug into existing wiring harness.
All PHP Heaters are backed by a full 2 YEAR WARRANTY!



diesel fired air heater
diesel fired air heater
Digital Operating Switch Controller PH21A c/w TE Connector
Wiring Harness. Model PH21/PH41 Air Heater-4622R2
Fuel Pickup Pipe Assembly Universal