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The PH41A-A kit is designed to provide cabin heating for trucks, off-highway equipment, RVs and boats by using on-board diesel fuel and battery systems. Operation is simple and the heater provides a safe and reliable alternative to engine idling or need for electrical plug ins. The PH41A-A Heater Kit is expertly engineered & assembled in Canada and include MADE IN CANADA Wiring Harness, Exhaust and intake tubes, Mounting plate, Fuel pickup tube, and Technical manual.

All PHP Heaters are backed by a full 2 YEAR WARRANTY!


4KW 12V Diesel



diesel air heater
Digital Operating Switch Controller PH21A c/w TE Connector
Fuel Pump, 12V Model PH41A, 28ml
Wiring Harness. Model PH21/PH41 Air Heater-4622R2
Fuel Pickup Pipe Assembly Universal

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