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Announcing ColdCrate

DKSI’s latest product is now available, ColdCrate. The ColdCrate is an advanced and easy-to-use refrigeration unit that provides transport professionals with a new way to ship and store temperature-controlled products. Perfect for use in any industry, the ColdCrate from DKSI is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to all your mobile refrigeration needs.  


With its versatile design, the ColdCrate meets the standards and requirements of countless industries, from food transportation to pharmaceutical delivery. Featuring durable thermal insulation and an electric-driven system, the ColdCrate is a dependable and flexible addition to your fleet.

The ColdCrate’s dimensions have been strategically designed to fit into most transport trucks or vans, and can be loaded and unloaded with ease. With such versatility, it will make moving or cleaning the unit a breeze.


With its low-power consumption, the ColdCrate is an inexpensive alternative to refrigeration trucks or vans, and will allow your fleet to easily convert into mobile cold storage vehicles. Because ColdCrates do not require installation or liners, these units are easy to move in and out of different vehicles, and only need to be plugged in, saving you time and money.

With their high-output temperature performance and low-power energy consumption, the ColdCrate delivers refrigerator units deliver efficient, flexible, and cost-saving solutions for temperature control delivery and storage.


The ColdCrate is an all-electric driven system that has been designed to deliver maximum energy output through low-power consumption. Not only is the ColdCrate a zero-emissions unit, but the technology and materials used to power the refrigeration system are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

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