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12 Things to know about Diesel Fired Coolant Engine Heaters

Coolant Heater

Diesel coolant heaters, also known as engine block heaters or coolant preheaters, are devices designed to warm up the engine coolant in a vehicle’s engine before starting it. Here’s 12 things to know: 1. Function: Diesel coolant heaters are used to preheat the engine coolant, which in turn warms the engine block, cylinder head, and […]

Parking Heater Products Diesel Fired Air Heaters

Parking Heater

Parking Heater Products diesel air heaters, commonly known as PHP heaters, are a popular line of diesel-fired air heaters designed to provide comfortable interior heating for various vehicles and applications. PHP air heaters are designed to heat the air inside a vehicle’s cabin or interior space. They operate independently of the vehicle’s engine and are […]

Vanlife RV & Camper Van Heating

Benefits of installing a Gas Heater in your RV or Camper Van Installing gas parking heaters in RVs and camper vans can offer a range of benefits that enhance comfort, convenience, and overall travel experience. Here are some advantages of using gas parking heaters in these vehicles: Comfortable Interior: Gas parking heaters provide a consistent […]

Benefits of Installing Gas Fired Air Heaters in Boats & Marine

Benefits of Installing Gas Fired Air Heaters in Boats & Marine Installing gasoline air parking heaters on boats can offer several benefits that enhance comfort, safety, and overall enjoyment during boating trips. Here are some advantages of using gasoline air parking heaters on boats:   Enhanced Comfort: Gasoline air parking heaters provide a reliable source […]

Some Useful Diesel Heater Installation Tips to Keep in Mind

The diesel heater market has evolved with time, and now you can find different types of diesel heaters for your commercial vehicle from various brands at reasonable prices. However, things will become a little challenging or tricky when it comes to installing a diesel heater. Such heaters come with multiple parts, and to make them […]